Friday, August 12, 2011

LI Press Editor says Newsday/News 12 Rreferendum Reporting Was Bias!!

Today, Jed Morey, the editor of the LI Press accused Newsday/News 12 of bias reporting with regard to the Coliseum referendum. Now as Islander fans when a headline like that is seen you would think that he is criticising Newsday/News12 for a negative bias. Well if you thought that like I did, you would be wrong! He accused Newsday/News 12 of having a positive bias when reporting on this matter.

The fact that an article like that comes from the editor of the publication just boggles my mind. In the article which you can read by clicking the link on the bottom he goes on a nitpicking expedition to find the few positive stories Newsday ran on the referendum & I am sure he looked for positive stuff from News 12 but couldn't find anything from them, because there wasn't any!!!

Newsday & News 12 defiantly deserve to be ripped for the way they covered the referendum, but not because they were to positive but because they were to negative! News 12 especially because there reporting on this matter was just AWFUL!!!!

To show you how ridiculous his piece is, part of it is titled, "How Newsday Covered It" In that part he only discusses how they covered it the last week before the vote. How about the other two and a half months? In that time there were FAR more negative pieces then positive ones, but off course Mr. Morey left that part out because it would hurt his argument and you can't have that.

As someone who is thinking about going into journalism for a career, seeing an article this poorly reported and nonfactual from the EDITOR of a relatively major publication in the county just makes me shake my head and wonder how in the world Mr. Morey got his job to begin with. If its that easy to be an editor then I could be hired tomorrow & do a 10x better job then he does. I may not have the experience he does, but I have integrity & when I report on something I like to know what the hell I am talking about, both of those things Mr. Morey failed to do in the piece he wrote.


  1. I think Newsday/News 12 posted negative articles about the referendum because many people were against it and they didn't want to lose readership. Also biases of the reporters from Newsday and News 12 couldn't be completely controlled. But I think he had issues about Newsday being for the referendum. It would be very interesting to see Jed's reaction IF Wang rejects ABLI's Coliseum plan as that would be a privately funded project.

  2. The ABLI is coming up with ideas to help the county craft the RFP, there is no guarantee that Wang will submit a proposal for the RFP or if he did that he would win. We will find out about that more next month after labor day when the newsday article said that the ABLI will submit their ideas & also after the deadline for the Queens RFP comes & goes. I will be interested to see if Wang submits a proposal for there.

    With regard to the Newsday/News 12 bias, I really don't know what their reasoning was. I guess we'll never actually know only can speculate.

  3. IF Wang submits a proposal for WP, it would likely be a joint venture with the Sterling Equities, the parent company of the Mets, who submitted an RFQ and then were able to advance into the RFP stage

  4. Yeah, your probably right!!

    It should be interesting!!