Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are people serious?

If you are unaware, this Friday August 19th, MSG+ is re-airing the Islanders 9-3 butt kicking of the Penguins from Feb. 11th when the two teams combined for 346 PIMS. The Islanders have decided to have a meetup at Champions at the Marriot next door to the Coliseum. The Islanders decision to do this has drawn the ire of some people including Joe Yeardon from as well as some Penguins blog which was behind the "bury gillies" movement which is still one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

Anyway, Mr. Yeardon accuses the Islanders of celebrating madness with holding this party. As I recall the Bruins vs Habs game that took place just two days prior to this one was heralded as old time hockey and stuff, then this happens and everyone hates on the Islanders because they stuck up to the leagues golden child and wiped the floor with them in every facet of the game. Was Trevor Gillies out of line at the time? Sure, you bet he was! But outside of the actions of Gillies that night this game was hardly madness, and anyone Mr. Yeardon included who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves. This is a type of game many Isles fans had been begging for, for years! It showed the team still had a pulse!!

Now the objections with the Pens blog is the same crap we've been hearing from Penguin fans since 2/12. Its been over 6 months now, when is it finally time to stop complaining about this? I know its something that the fans get from the team with Mario & Sidney Crosby having such prominent roles with them, but seriously when are you Penguin fans going to concentrate more on the Penguins and less on the Islanders? Its past ridiculous now!!

Update: The Pittsburgh gazette has joined the party to, saying the isles having this is wrong & stuff. I think people in Pit. need to realize how ridiculous there making themselves look to people outside Pit. with their complaining about the isles having a viewing party to watch a game from over 6 months ago. The game wasn't last week or even last month. When do Penguin writers start writing updates on Crosby and Malkin coming back from injury & stop complaining about this? Its embarrassing & as as I said above past ridiculous!!


  1. Well, the way it was publicized up here in Boston was the NYI were frustrated and taking their woes out on the PIT - on the scoreboard and otherwise! The PIT were more than willing to mary-up and play the beaten dog, but that old meanie Gillies went and crossed the line (which he did). I think the issue was Gillies' poor actions... NOT the fight-laden game. However, the media took little care in separating the two. As a BOS fan though, I can attest to the fact the PIT are a bunch of crybabies and can't watch them getting beaten down enough!

  2. Gillies was wrong, there is no defending that. Im not a fan to be honest but yes PIT is the baby of the NHL. its pathetic

  3. Pens fans will always whine. They defend Cooke and their other dirty players as "playing good defense," which is absurd. Cooke and their other dirty players are indefensible. As you can see from all the comments to my last blog post, Pens fans have nothing better to do this offseason than bash our fan meet up and game replay.

  4. PIT fans have other worrys then what we are doing or planning. They defend their players but so does the NHL. but im really starting to like this rivalry

  5. To all paying attention To these ridiculous mind numbing antics, get over yourselves and this Stupid idea that the Islanders are out to get Pittsburg & that we are some how still purposely attacking them. How dare you think you command the respect And attention of anyone over this bull$h!£ story again (CRY BABY PENS FANS). Stuff got crazy, gloves dropped, we embarrassed your team 9-3 Suspension got handed out, END OF STORY!!! Don't be mad at us because you still can't pick your pride up off the floor.