Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ratner: Trying Like Hell To Get the Islanders To Brooklyn

With all the talk of RFQ's and stuff in Nassau, Brooklyn Nets minority owner and majority owner of the Barclays Development in Brooklyn Bruce Ratner had an interesting quote in a daily news article.

He told the Daily News, "...I am trying like hell to get the Islanders to make Barclays Center their new hockey home."

The group Nassau picks for the RFQ and how things progress immediately after will be pretty telling I think.  With things like this, it wouldn't surprise me if things don't go well early on in the negotiations in Nassau if more steam gains from Brooklyn and more serious then we've gotten in the past.  Again that's speculation on my part and I have nothing beside intuition to back that up.


  1. I think Ratner is having a difficult time in convincing Wang to come to Brooklyn on a long term basis due to the rink and the uncertainly of AY being developed to its full vision. Isles TV showing at Citi Field last week in contrast may be very telling.

  2. Isles TV was at Citifield last week? I didnt hear about that, why were they there?

    I think if the Isles give a long term commitment though that they could make subtle changes to the arena to make it more favorable for hockey while not taking away from Basketball. The Brooklyn people dont want to do it now because they dont want to spend the money to have the Islanders not go there. Thats just my two cents.

    And oh yeah? That could be possible, I am not privy to how things have gone on with that as of late.

  3. The Isles TV were filming what Howie Rose does at Citi Field as the Mets radio broadcaster last week.