Friday, July 13, 2012

REPORT: Shane Doan Offered 4 years 30 Million

According to reports, Coyotes captain Shane Doan has been offered a contract of 4 years 30 million by an Eastern Conference team.  The thing is, nobody knows which team this is yet.  The report has been sending shock-waves around today as people scramble to wonder who the mystery team could be.

Some fans have wondered if the Islanders could be that mysterious team because of our large amount of cap space and our need for a top 6 forward after loosing Pa Parenteau earlier this month.  I personally don't see it, because although Doan is a solid player, we've never been one to spend like that and Doan is nearing the end of his career so that's not someone you would invest in.  Although the Islanders have blown your mind before when it comes to common sense so I wouldn't put anything past them.

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