Saturday, April 19, 2014

Second Group Close To Pursuing Bid For Isles

A couple weeks ago, it was reported a couple days before the news of Andrew Barroway's interest in purchasing the Islanders that AHL team owner Howard Dolgon was interested in pursuing a bid for the club.

New reports are suggesting that after a 30 minute conversation with a main potential investor in the deal that Dolgon was left, "...more optimistic then ever..." that his investor would want to pursue a deal.  Dolgon was very secretive about the investors identity only saying that the investor has a net worth of between 500-700 million and is in his 50's.

When initial talks of Dolgon's interest were reported a couple weeks ago I thought maybe his involvement would be compromised because of his ownership of the AHL team.  However, according to a new article, there is nothing in the AHL bylaws that prevents owning an NHL team or being involved in the operation of one that is different then the AHL team's NHL affiliate.

Having multiple parties seriously interested would only mean good things for Wang.  However, it seems like Barroway and his group are a significant way past the starting line so to speak so Dolgon and his mystery investor might be to little to late.

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