Saturday, January 25, 2014

Isles Get Robbed In 4-3 Loss To Blues

This afternoon, the Islanders were robbed as they fell 4-3 to the Blues in a shootout.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Thomas Vanek's goal getting waived off in overtime was just mind boggling.  The league claimed that it was kicked in.  However, on the replays there is no evidence of a distinct kicking motion that the rule states is needed to make that call.  If anything, Vanek angled it in with his skate which you are allowed to do as long as you don't kick it.  After the game, Vanek was still fired up about the bad call telling media that were present, "I thought it was a terrible call...I don't know if it's who we are.  If that's Pitt or a top team, that's maybe a goal."  If you for some reason didn't love Vanek already, how could you not love him after that quote?

-Another solid game from the first line today.  It is really scary to think where we would be without them.

-Poulin had a so/so game.  While the goals he let in seemed like ones he probably should've been able to get.  He did make some unbelievable saves as well.

-Nice skill shown by the 4th line on Matt Martin's goal, good to see Martin starting to get on a little roll.

If this isn't the epitome of robbery I don't know what is!  Vanek's goal was clearly a good goal and for it to be waved off is just typical Islander luck.  For the team though, they can't let this linger and have to make sure to focus on Monday's game.

Next Game: Monday @ Home Vs Boston

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