Saturday, January 25, 2014

Islanders Home Next Week To Save The Rangers/NHL Money?

photo by NYDailyNews

When it was announced that the Rangers would be the away team for both Stadium Series games it raised a lot of eyebrows since the games are in New York City and they play in New York City.  Many people thought it was a conspiracy because of the power of the Dolans to not take the home dates away from them. Some thought this was far fetched, however, a recent article from the New York Times suggests this could be the case.

To start with, the article states that Madison Square Garden has a tax exemption that is worth 17.3 million this year.  However, if the Rangers were to play a home game outside of MSG the exemption could be forfeited. 

Additionally, the NHL is required to pay the home teams of the Stadium Series game money to make up for the lost revenue of a home game.  According to the article, it is believed the NHL is saving one million or more dollars per game by having the Rangers be the away team rather then the home team. 

I know people don't like to believe conspiracy theories.  However, it would appear that in this case the NHL had millions of reasons to make the Rangers the away team for these games rather then the home team.

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