Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vanek Is The Second Islander Person To Suggest An NHL Double Standard

If you recall, almost three years ago after the Islanders Penguins brawl game Islanders commentator Howie Rose was outspoken in his declarations that there was a double standard in the NHL.  What he meant by that is there is one set of rules for the elite teams and then a set of rules for everyone else.  Most pundits don't give any credence to that, however, it is a common belief among a lot of fans.

Well, following today's game Islanders forward Thomas Vanek became the second person associated with the Islanders organization to publicly call out the NHL in as many years.  Following the Islanders 4-3 shootout loss today, when talking about his overtime goal that was disallowed Vanek told media that was present, "I thought it was a terrible call...I don't know if it's who we are.  If that's Pitt or a top team, that's maybe a goal."

I am not pretending to be an expert but for the life of me I don't see anything resembling a kicking motion of any kind.  If anything, Vanek angled the puck in with his skate which you are allowed to do as long as you don't kick it.  Maybe the NHL needs to issue a statement to clarify what exactly they consider to be a distinct kicking motion.

It was one thing when there was someone like Howie Rose suggesting this.  Now, not only is it an active NHL player but it's a high profile player in Thomas Vanek suggesting that there is bias in the NHL.

I have been a huge fan of Vanek from the start.  However, this just makes me like him even more.  As Matt Saidman said on twitter, "...if Vanek wasn't an Islander before, he is now."

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