Thursday, November 14, 2013

Al Trautwig Called An Islander Fan's Home

Recently, MSG Hockey Night Live host and Gymnastics commentator Al Trautwig called an Islander fan's home after the fan called him a moron on twitter.

Trautwig was a huge opponent of the Islanders trade of Matt Moulson a couple weeks ago that sent him to Buffalo along with a couple picks in exchange for Thomas Vanek.  Seeing his criticism caused Islanders fans to go after Trautwig noting that if the Rangers had made a similar trade that he would be planning the Rangers Stanley Cup parade among other things.

Evidently the criticism's didn't stop and Trautwig, who is supposed to be the professional in the matter called the Islanders fans home at midnight and spoke to his mom to find out the fan no longer lived in the United States and now resides in Israel.

To learn more, check out the article from CBS below:

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