Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Streit On The Move?

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The NHL trade deadline is at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.

The Islanders captain Mark Streit is currently the top rental defenseman available on the trade market.  That means that Streit could bring a pretty good return in a deal.  Although, with the team sitting in a playoff spot some note that it would foolish to deal him now.

According to tsn, the Islanders have been willing to offer Streit up to 3 years at 5 million per season.  However, tsn says that Streit is seeking around 5.5 per season.  Keep in mind, the Islanders resigned Lubomir Visnovsky to a 2 year deal worth 4.75 per season last week.

If Streit is truly looking for that much then I think his days as an Islander are numbered.  Given his age, injury history and decreased level of play, those demands are boarder-line insane.  No way do I give that to him, given that I still wouldn't trade him.  Streit is to valuable to the team right now sitting in a playoff position to dump for prospects or a couple draft picks.  Playoff experience for this team is far more valuable then a couple draft picks would be.

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