Sunday, March 10, 2013

Led By Crosby: Pens Destroy Isles 6-1

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Tonight, the Penguins exhibited why they are one of the elite teams in this league defeating our Islanders by a score of 6-1.  Here are some of my notes:

-Poor job by the officials in the first period letting two calls change the game.  The delay of game call on MacDonald was a call I have never seen made before.  Usually, with that penalty the player has to have possession and put the puck over the boards.  Not just have it deflect off him like Amac did.

-Poor job by the coaches not having the team ready to play today.  One point out of eighth and two out of seventh and the team came out like they were a crappy beer league team against a professional team.  Very unsettling!

-I don't know why Capuano likes to leave Nabokov in there when we are getting shelled.  After 3 or 4 goals it is a mystery to me as to why Nabokov was left in.

Well, coming into the game we had been on a five game point streak and given our prior play on the road some were optimistic.  Whether this was a case of the team not being up for a game like Capuano has said in the past or just they were dominated by a better team minus a superstar, outings like this are concerning and can't happen.  Having a couple days off after this one will do the team good, hopefully.

Next Game: Thursday 7:30 @ The Lightning

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