Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gallof: "Isles Trying To Use Asbestos, Building A Case"

BD Gallof reported on twitter yesterday, that the Islanders are trying to use the Asbestos issue to build a case and free themselves from the lease sooner then later. You can find a link to that tweet on our facebook wall.

He said that county officials think this was orchestrated by the team and knew they would use it from the start, however an Islander employee told BD that it wasn't orchestrated by the team, however they both agreed that the Islanders would at least try to use it.

This is interesting because it sort of goes in line with what Mike Francessa had to say on the issue a few weeks back on his show. On one of his shows a few weeks back, on a Friday, Mike said that he thought the Islanders were going to end up in Brooklyn next season and that the Coliseum would be condemned because of asbestos and the lawsuits against the county stemming from that. But Francessa couldn't possibly be right on a hockey issue, could he?

It certainly makes sense that the Islanders would try to use this because they would be foolish if they didn't. The town/county have treated them largely like garbage the last few years so why wouldn't they try to exploit any loop hole possible to get out of here at least on a temporary basis?

Will it work though is the question! That all depends I think in large part on the credibility of the results the attorney Joseph Dell has saying that there were dangerous levels of asbestos in many areas, additionally if he is truly serious about this and isn't just posturing to get his name and face out there for free publicity. Also, what the state and OSHA have to say will certainly be interesting as well.

Like I said in the Francessa article, because of the lack of information out there I can't say for sure what I think will/wont happen. All I can say is, it will be interesting and could get nasty so hang on Islanders Country, I think the end game is near.

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