Sunday, April 8, 2012

Post Game: Isles End Season With One Of Years Worst Efforts In 7-3 Loss!

Last night, our Islanders fell to the Columbus Bluejackets by a score of 7-3. Here are some of my notes from the game:
-All in all, this was a pathetic way to end the season!! Effort wasnt there at all, it was painful to watch. Especially the last 40 minutes.
-Bad game by Al Montoya, he certainly didnt do himself any favors heading into UFA with his performance the last six games.
-Butch Goring was in full homerism for this one. I love Butch, I do, but he just was really bad in this game. He repeatedly said the Islanders didnt embarass themselves and the score wasnt a reflection of the game as a hole. However, when you lose 7-3 to the worst team in the NHL I would say that is pretty embarassing.
-Good for Grabner to hit 20 goals after how his season has went.
-With the loss the Islanders locked up 4th place in the lottery for Tuesday night. Well see where the balls drop, maybe we will win and get to pick number one like 2000 when we took everyones favorite goalie.
If you dont know, this season the Islanders finished with the same record as they did two years ago when they eventually drafted Nino. It doesnt seem like theres progress being made with regard to results. It seems like were treading water on the edge of crappy play which is ok according to our owner because, "at least were not getting killed out there." As he told Newsday a few months ago.
The Islanders had really not much to play for in this game and it really showed unfortunatly. You would think they would at least play with a little pride, however, in large part the team failed to play even with that.

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