Friday, March 30, 2012

Secondary Scoring Explosion Leads To Home and Home Sweep Over Penguins!

Coming into this week, with the home and home against the Penguins most people were just hoping for competitive games. If we happened to win one that would just be icing on the cake so to speak.

However, the Islander players didn't get that memo, as they didn't just win one of the games, they won both of them.

On Tuesday our Islanders defeated the Penguins by a score of 5-3. Here are my notes:

-Heck of an effort by the goalies in this game. The Penguins ended up with 50+ shots, and to still get the win when so many shots are given up is a testament to the good play of the goalies.

-Demons continue to be exercised. Earlier this season the Islanders defeated the Flyers in Philly for the first time in four years. Well, coming into this game it had been over four years since the Isles last defeated the Penguins in Pittsburgh. Now that demon has been exercised as well.

-Nice game by Josh Bailey with three assists to continue his point streak to four games.

-Good game by David Ullstrom in his last game before being sent down. Good for him to get on the board in the game so he goes back to the Tigers with some confidence.

This game certainly surprised many people and gave the Isles some momentum going into the back end of the home and home at the Coliseum last night.

Last night, our Islanders finished the sweep of the Pens with a 5-3 victory. Here are some of my notes:

-Who ever thought we would see Bailey achieve a 5 point game? Congrats to him, a very impressive performance!

-Congrats to Okposo on achieving 20 goals in a season for the first time.

-Much better defensive effort in this game then in the game in Pit. Giving up half the amount of shots in this game as the game two days earlier is a good sign.

-Nice game by Nino, had many good chances.

-Congrats to Marty Reasoner on scoring finally! We here have been very harsh critics of him all season so were giving him well deserved props after scoring on what was a great setup by Streit.

-Nice game from Montoya! Outside of maybe the first goal, none of the goals were to soft, so a very solid performance from him against one of the hotter teams in the league.

Well if this brief stretch of games hasn't surprised you then well, you have higher expectations then most people. Some are upset because with these late wins the Islanders are screwing up their position in the draft which will lead to having a lower pick. I am not one who is concerned with that though, because to me having a lower pick in the draft is a sign that the team is getting better which is what we all want, isn't it?

Next Game: Tomorrow @ Home VS Boston 1PM (If we win we will be winners of four straight which will be our longest win streak of the season)

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