Friday, March 30, 2012

Isles News From The Week That Was!!

Nassau Clears The Coliseum!

Earlier this week, we found out that Nassau County had ran more tests on the Coliseum and found it to be clear of dangerous Asbestos. This is after a report from NBC last week that a bunch of workers had approached them saying they had been in contact with dangerous amounts of asbestos while on the job at the Coliseum. Although this is good, the state as well as OSHA have yet to report any results from their investigation. I am curious to see what they find.

Nabakov Done For The Year!

In the game Tuesday in Pittsburgh, goalie Evgeni Nabakov toward the end of the second period appeared to fall and be in some mild pain. He was able to finish out the second period of the game, but did not come out for the third and was replaced by Al Montoya. This left us all wondering how bad he was. Well, we got our answer when news broke just days after that the Islanders had signed goalie John Grahame for the rest of the season to serve as Al Montoyas backup. Grahame last saw time in the NHL in 07-08. However, he was still playing in the AHL up to last season.

Ullstrom Returned To Bridgeport!

Earlier this week, forward David Ullstrom was returned to Bridgeport to help Bridgeport as they push for first place in their division on the way to the AHL playoffs.

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