Saturday, March 31, 2012

Francessa: Isles Will End Up In Brooklyn Because Of Coliseum Asbestos!

On his show today, Mike Francessa addressed the issue of the asbestos at the Coliseum. He said although given the recent news from Nassau County that it was clean that he thinks the building will be condemned because of this and class action law suits by Coliseum employees against Nassau County.
Joseph Dell, an attorney from Garden City, who represents many Coliseum employees is preparing a class action law suit against Nassau County with regard to this matter on the behalf of the employees.
As of now, I would have to disagree with Mike. Although that is pending the results from NYS investigation as well as OSHA. The results from them could lead me more toward what Mike is saying, although right now I can't say that because there is not enough available to give me reason to say that.

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