Friday, March 16, 2012

Bruce Ratner: "We'd Love To Have the Islanders In Brooklyn!!"

During the first intermission of tonights game against the Flyers, Bruce Ratner the owner of Forest City Ratner (The Barclays Center in Brooklyn among other things) as well as minority owner of the New Jersey Nets had a brief interview with Howie Rose.

In the interview the predictable was talked about. That being the possibility of the Islanders relocating to Brooklyn post 2015 when the lease expires. Ratner handled the questions very easy repeatedly saying that he believes its Charles first choice to have a new arena built here. However he said that if something cant be done that they would love to have the Islanders in Brooklyn. He made it a point to say more then once that New York needs the Islanders which isn't something you hear often.

Overall, I am not sure if the interview could've went better from an Isles perspective. Like many others have said Ratner played his role perfectly. Here is yet another brief turn on what will be a very crazy road to the finish line, so strap yourselves in folks!

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