Sunday, March 4, 2012

Post Game: Nabby Returns To Form As Isles Down Defending Cup Champs!!

Yesterday afternoon our New York Islanders defeated the Boston Bruins by a score of 3-2. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Heck of a game by Nabby! Made many big saves and was a very intricate part in us getting the two points. You know a goalie has at least a pretty good game when the goals given up aren't his fault. The first one was a powerplay, we couldn't clear it. It changed direction in front thanks to Rolston and not much you can do there. Then on Seguins goal, MacDonald got caught flat footed and Seguin exploited that.

-JT does it again! First his nice pass down low to Moulson for the second goal. Then his nice tip in front on the Moulson shot for the third goal. Were so lucky to be able to watch a player like this night in a night out.

-Josh Bailey continues his great play!! Seems like his move to wing has helped his game!! I remember thinking the same thing when they moved him there briefly last season. Hopefully this is a more long term thing then that was because I think it will be mutually beneficial for both of us if it is.

-Anyone else find it ironic that Rolston got an assist against us? Also, good job Howie Rose for ripping Rolston after his comments about not getting enough of an opportunity here. We all know how I felt about him and I thought he had to much of an opportunity so for him to say what he did is just mind blowing.

-I thought Nino had a decent game in his return to the lineup! Should be interesting if its a full time return or just til Grabners better then riding the pine again.

Was it a fantastic game by the Islanders? No! But was it a good way to end what ended being a pretty crappy trip? You bet!

Next Game: Today @ Home 3PM VS The Devils

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