Saturday, March 31, 2012

Post Game: Bruins 3rd Period Explosion Leads To Victory Over Islanders!

This afternoon, our Islanders feel 6-3 to the Bruins. Here are some of my notes:

-Congrats to Matt Martin on setting the NHL record for hits in a season. He finished today with 360 which is 3 more then the NHL record. While far from the most significant record like Kevin Schultz said in his piece for pointblank, its nice to have some positive press in a time when things in large part have been negative.

-Once again we fail to win four in a row. Additionally we fail to go above NHL .500. I laughed the first time I heard this but its like this team is scared of prosperity. Everytime an opportunity of this nature comes it always passes them by. Certainly not a good sign and something that really needs to be addressed, especially as we go into next season.

-Team failed to play a 60 minute game today! The Islanders performance in the third period was pitiful. They were dominated in large parts by an obviously better team. Additionally to give up not one but two goals after pulling within one in the third isn't a good sign at all. It kills all momentum gained and is a morale killer for not only the players but the fans as well.

-Weak game from Montoya! Given he didn't have much help on defense, however, more then one goal should've been stopped and when your playing a team like the Bruins you can't allow them to do that because it will be very tough to recover from.

-Unreal pass by Tavares to set up PA on his first goal! Additionally great play by that hole line on PA's second goal. Hopefully we are able to resign PA because the chemistry he has with that line is ridiculous.

-Baileys point streak ended!! After getting five points in the Penguins game the other night Josh Bailey failed to register a point in this game for the first time in his last five. To give you an idea of how hot he has been recently, Bailey has 17 points in his last 16 games. In contrast, he had 15 points in his first 60.

-Haley served his role well in relief of Cizikas!

-To many Bruins fans at the game today! Was it nice that it was a sell out? Especially this late in the season, yes. However, the fact that sometimes I was left wondering if I was in Boston or on LI isn't a good thing at all.

After the era of good feelings from the Penguins sweep this certainly wasn't what we were expecting. But if you think about other times this year when the team has been in similar situations to this its really not a surprise that their play fell off in the third period because it fits in with the rest of the season.

Next Game: Tomorrow 3PM VS Ottawa

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