Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Predictions: Bottom 6 forwards

Continuing with our predictions, next up is bottom six forwards:

1) Blake Comeau- 28 goals
25 assists
53 points

After coming off a career season last year I think Blake continues to grow on that this year & sees another increase in point total. If he can be more consistent then he normally is I see no reason at all as to why he can't reach these numbers. Plus he will be playing with better linemates this year then he did last year so that will help as well.

2) Josh Bailey- 15 goals
25 assists
40 points

I am expecting a nice rebound year from Josh to hopefully gain confidence back in many fans who have lost it in him after he has struggled so vitally in his first three years in the NHL. I am personally hoping he bounces back but who knows what is going to happen.

3) Nino Niederreiter- 12 goals
23 assists
35 points

I think Nino will have a year similar to that of Evander Kane is his rookie year. Getting third line minutes and some second unit powerplay here & there. I think this year will be the most of many for Nino as an Islander!!

4) Brian Rolston- 16 goals
24 assists
40 points

I think Rolston will be a solid asset for the team on the power play & with his leadership. Although he may have lost a step he still has a solid shot from the point which will be a big help on the powerplay to counter Streits. So either the defensemen will have to split their attention between him and Streit or we will have solid point shots on both lines will be a nice added feature this year, which is something we haven't had in years past.

5) Marty Reasoner- 12 goals
15 assists
27 points

I think although Zenon Konopka was a fan favorite, I know I loved him. Reasoners addition over him will be nice. Nothing against Konopka because he serves his role very well and he had a very big impact on this team last year. However Marty will have much more of an impact on the overall game then Konopka did. I'll miss Z but I am happy to have Marty & his much increased offensive stats.

6) Matt Martin- 8 goals
12 assists
20 points
160 PIMS

I think Matt will continue to increase his offensive production this year. Also he will continue to be the hitting machine that he was last year being amongst the tops of the league in hits.

Guys who could see some time:

1) Trevor Gillies- 1 goal
1 assist
2 points
145 PIMS

I think given the log jam at forward Trevor will see limited time this year. I would be surprised if he got into more then like 25 or so games. Although I am sure he will have an impact of some sort in most of the games he participates in.

2) Justin Dibenedetto- 1 goal
1 assist
2 points

I think Dibo will get a cup of coffee this year like last year. He will have limited production, however I am sure he will annoy the hell outta the other team when he is on the ice so that means he'd be doing his job.

3) Rhett Rakhshani- 1 goal
0 assists
1 point

Like last year I think Rhett assuming healthy will get a call again. I am hoping he can build on what he showed last year both here & in the AHL and maybe top 70 points in the AHL and connect on his first NHL goal up here.

So these are my predictions!! Think I am right? Think I am out of my mind? Discuss it in comments or tweet us @savetheisles


  1. So combined with your Predictions for Top 6 forwards, you're predicting 253 GF. That would put the Isles second overall in scoring in 2010-2011...and we haven't gotten to the defense yet. Hm.

  2. To be honest, I didn't even realize it was that much. However outside of Comeau & possibly Nino I suppose although I think it wouldn't be good if he didn't get at least 10-12 goals, was I really reaching on anyones goal totals? I thought I was more then fair.