Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BREAKING: Coliseum Task Force can't come to an agreement on a plan!!

According to newsday, the task force set up by the ABLI, to create a plan for development of and around the Nassau Coliseum site will NOT be submitting the plan made public last week to Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano for consideration at the site. A statement from a member of the task force said they all decided to submit separate plans because they couldn't come to a decision on the components of one plan that they'd submit as a group.

It has now been nearly two months since the referendum failed & Jay Jacobs has been no where to be found with regard to private development ideas with regard to the development of this site. Throughout the whole referendum process he & the democratic party mostly behind closed doors kept bringing up the idea of private financing & how there'd be plenty of private solutions & that is what should be done with the site. After the vote failed on August 1st, Jay wrote on his twitter (@JayJacobs28) that they would begin working on a private solution the next day. Well its been about 6-7 weeks now since that past and we haven't heard a whisper from Jay "PSL" Jacobs. One of his more famous quotes was defending his PSL stance saying something along the lines of Islander fans, if you don't want to pay a little bit extra why should we all have to? The lack of movement on his part over the last month and half shows that at the time he was talking for political position only not because he actually believed the project was wrong. Whats sad is, this fool led his party on a phone bank the day before the vote targeting older people & with his BS and mis-information got a lot of people to vote no. If the powers at be in the New York Democratic party had half a brain they'd kick Jay Jacobs the hell out because the guy is a fool & an embarrassment to their party.

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