Friday, September 23, 2011

Predictions: Top 6 Forwards!!

In the coming weeks, we here at savetheisles will be doing predictions for:

1) Top 6 forwards

2) Bottom 6 forwards

3) Defenseman

4) Goalies

Were gonna start off with top 6 forwards:

1) John Tavares- 35 goals
45 assists
80 points

I think this is the year that Tavares will break out of his shell, and become a top player in this league & recognized league wide as such. We all saw the stick work & some of the dekes he pulled off at the end of last season so he can only build on that as this season starts.

2) Matt Moulson- 33 goals

25 assists
58 points

With another year under his belt I think well only see an increase in production from Moulson. I don't think it'll be to drastic but it will be there. His increased experience plus line chemistry with Tavares & PA will lead to the increased point total.

3) PA Parenteau- 21 goals
35 assists
56 points

I didn't give PA a major increase because I think he is more of a product of how good JT is rather then how good he is. Don't get me wrong, the guy has skill. However I think he was made to look better then he actually is because he played with John.

4) Frans Nielsen- 15 goals
36 assists
51 points

I think we will see an increase of Nielsens stats for two main reasons. Kyle Okposo will be there for the hole year, so he'll have someone who he didn't have for more then half of last year. Also his pending UFA status next summer I am sure will cause him to do well because more often then not guys often do well in their contract years.

5) Kyle Okposo- 20 goals

30 assists
50 points

I think this is the year that Kyle finally hits the 20 goal plateau. After having last year cut really short by a severe shoulder injury I think that he will have a heck of a bounce back season!!!

6) Michael Grabner- 35 goals

25 assists
60 points

I think Michael Grabner will prove to the NHL that he is the real deal. Combined with Frans move & his speed they will combine to be 1 & 2 in the league in shorties by the years end. I think this year Grabner will be just fine and avoid going through a sophomore slump.

So thats my predictions for the top six forwards!! You like them? Dislike them? Think I am nuts? Talk about it in comments!!

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