Saturday, August 20, 2011

NBC flubs up again!!

Last week if you remember I did an entry on here, part of which I spent bashing Joe Yeardon an NHL writer for Today I am doing it for another reason. The same site did an entry on the viewing party last night with a lot of quotes from & the entry they wrote wasn't that bad. The thing that annoyed me to no end about their entry was that on the bottom of their entry they gave a hat tip to

Those are the same guys if you remember that told me on twitter that an isles viewing party & attendance at said party is a newsworthy item for a Penguins site because its August. Why in the world would be who write for a NATIONAL source give a hat tip to those fools? They are some of the most delusional, obsessed, morons I have ever come into any sort of contact with, and for them to get a hat tip there irks me pretty badly!! Give something like that to people that deserve, not those fools!!

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