Saturday, August 20, 2011

Average attendance at tonights viewing party!!

Update: When contacted by me on twitter, a co-editor with told me that attendance at an Isles viewing party was a newsworthy item for his Penguins blog site because its August. So by that logic I should info on the Penguins on my site to because its August, right? Nope, the fact that its August is a really crappy excuse & says to me he didn't know what else today so he said that. I know if I were a Penguins fan that I care a lot more about hearing injury updates on Crosby & progression on Malkin coming back from injury rather then hearing about the attendance at another teams viewing party. But maybe that is just me!!

While I didn't go to the viewing party tonight, said that there were around 45 people there tonight & a pens fan who is in town for a wedding provided a picture from Champions. Since this number is coming from Pens fans who knows how reliable it is.

The purpose of this entry is, why is the exact number of people who show up at Islander viewing parties a news worthy item on a Penguins blog?? The obsession the people on that blog especially have with the Islanders is well pathetic is saying it lightly. I would love for the people who run thepensblog to comment on this entry & explain why in the world they are so damn obsessed with our team that they consider attendance at one of OUR viewing parties a newsworthy item for their site.

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