Friday, August 19, 2011

Isles to Brooklyn gaining steam?

According to & later confirmed by Katie Strang of Newsday, Bruce Ratner the owner of the Barcalys development in Brooklyn & minority owner of the Nets NBA team & Brett Yormak the CEO of the Barclays development met with NHL officials at the NHL office in NYC yesterday. It is not known if the Isles were discussed in the meeting & someone with knowledge of the situation declined to tell weather or not to say if an architect accompanied them to the meeting.

I suspect that the Isles were discussed but they want to keep things hush hush right now. That is my own speculation though, have no facts or anything to back it up.

I expected stuff like this to occur but not this soon, the fact that its happening already is in my opinion good because the faster it happens the faster we'll come to a final solution.

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