Friday, August 19, 2011

Isles & Suffolk to continue discussions after labor day!!

According to Suffolk County executive Steve Levy, the Islanders & Suffolk County will continue discussions on possible relocation of the team there after labor day.

This made some people scratch their heads, however I think the reasoning here is two-fold. Firstly a newsday article around two weeks ago said that Wang was going to be away for a few weeks this month so they will continue discussions after he comes back. Additionally if you remember the task force created by the ABLI for plans for the Coliseum site said they will be sending their ideas for the site in to Ed Mangano around labor day. Continuing their discussions after labor day fits with these two things.

Its like I said in an entry a few days back maybe a week ago, we should hear a lot more on the future of the Coliseum site come labor day, until then hold on to your seats Islanders fans because I am sure the recent news we have heard won't be the last. (Steve Levy is on for around the first 2:20 give it take talking Islanders)

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