Thursday, August 18, 2011

NHL Makes Isles Cave on Viewing Party!!

If you haven't seen yet, the NHL let the Penguins get their way, once again!! The Islanders have told MSG to not re air the Penguins game tomorrow night for the viewing party, and instead to air the Michael Grabner hat-trick game versus Buffalo which was the next game after this one.

The Islanders employee Kimber who Grabner & Moulson always joke about on twitter said that with all the negative press this party got the team they wanted to put it in the past like Ray Shero said when he was interviewed by Rob Rossi of some Pit paper earlier this week.

I personally think the NHL forced the Islanders hand here a little bit, and that it wasn't a strict Islanders decision. Further, the fact that the Islanders are doing what the NHL/PIT fans, media want instead of doing what their own fans want is disgraceful, and embarrassing!! When are the Islanders as an organization going to stop being the nice guys, and getting rolled over all time and start doing stuff to make their own fans happy. That is what its all about, isn't it??? Its getting old & frustrating & its time the Islanders take a stand!!!

I personally feel as though in two weeks or when ever MSG airs the brawl game that we should all go to Champions and have our own viewing party, there the theme can be screw you Pens!! The bias the NHL shows toward them is disgusting!!!! We can show them they may have put off the viewing party, but there not going to stop us from doing anything!!!

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