Sunday, March 1, 2015

In Terrible Effort Isles Fall To Canes

Earlier this evening, our Islanders fell by a score of 5-3 to the Carolina Hurricanes.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-People will rush to blame Chad Johnson for the outcome of the game after seeing the score.  While he definitely didn't have his best game, you can't place 100% of the blame on Johnson for this one.  The entire team around him didn't show up to play and it was pretty evident throughout.  A team that generally out shoots opponents pretty healthy was out shot by an almost 2-1 margin, that should tell you all you need to know.

-Greg Cronin failed today to combat the Canes power play.  While it is expected that you will give up power play goals here and there, for them to make us look like amateurs like they did on one of their power play goals was just embarrassing.

-Brian Strait showed again today why he isn't a regular in the Islanders lineup.  On two separate occasions, bone headed defensive plays by him led to Hurricane goals.

-In a game of few positives one was Nikolay Kulemins goal.  It was a very impressive power move on the way to the finish.

With the way the standings are, lackluster efforts like this one sting twice as much.  The Islanders just need to dust themselves off and get back to their winning ways on Tuesday because down the stretch every win counts.

Next Game: Tuesday 8:30 @ Dallas

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