Thursday, October 23, 2014

MSG On The Move?

After years of facing ridicule from Ranger fans on the thought of potential relocation, Islanders fans may soon be able to return the favor, according to  A report issued by the Alliance for a New Penn Station is suggesting to move Madison Square Garden to a U.S. Postal Service mail sorting facility on Ninth Avenue, according to the site.  The new proposed location would be an approximate 3-7 minute walk from Penn Station, according to the report.

The desire to move MSG is so Penn Station can be rebuilt as it is currently operating over capacity and will only get worse in the years to come.  The report states that Penn Station was built to handle 200,000 people per day.  However, Penn Station currently handles over 600,000 people per day.  MSG moving isn't a new idea as it didn't begin operating in its current location until 1963.  Since the late 80's there have been two separate plans for MSG to move that never came to fruition, according to capitalnewyork.  Last year, a 1 billion dollar renovation on the arena concluded.

This new location suggestion comes after last year when New York City denied Madison Square Gardens request for a license to operate at their current location in perpetuity.  The city issued MSG a ten year permit last year which now has 9 years left.

While this wouldn't be a far move, it is a move nonetheless that will absolutely effect convenience and ride time for patrons of MSG.

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