Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Islanders To Bring the Fisherman Logo Back This Year

photo by fittedid

The logo that was hated by pretty much all fans in the mid-late 90's will be making its return to the Coliseum this year, according to Newsday.

The Islanders will wear modernized versions of the fisherman jersey during warm-ups before one game this season.  After which the jerseys will be auctioned off online for charity.  

Over the years, the hate for the jersey among some have subsided and the jersey has actually gotten a small but loyal following.  I often see people wearing these jerseys at games and if you try to acquire one online you are looking at spending at least $80.  The following for the jersey is one reason they decided to bring it back this year senior marketing manager Eileen Matthews told Newsday.  "...I think it's gotten a cult following," Matthews said.

On the logo itself I am kind of in between.  I don't hate it like some people do but I don't like it either.  As far as doing this, I think it is good for younger fans to be educated about the logo and that period in team history.  Additionally, they will raise a ton of money for charity which is always a good thing.

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