Monday, October 20, 2014

Brooklyn Marketing Campaign To Begin Tomorrow

According to the New York Times, tomorrow, Barlcays Center will begin a marketing campaign aimed at attempting to persuade people in Brooklyn and the other boroughs to try live hockey next season when the Islanders move to the arena.

According to the article, the campaign will be done through direct mail, social media, cable TV commercials, and print advertising.  Over the next four months, about 20,000 direct mailers will be sent out aimed predominately at Brooklyn but also at Queens and Manhattan.  The mailers will feature the words "Brooklyn Scores" in white lettering against a black background, the article states.

According to the Times, Gameplan Creative based out of Chicago designed the mailers.  The Islanders hired them in March of this year to aid in the marketing of the team following this season.  Gameplan Creative served a similar role for the Blackhawks from 2008-2010 when their resurgence as a franchise began.

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