Friday, June 27, 2014

Meet Josh Ho-Sang

photo by hockeysfuture

Tonight the Islanders surprised some as they traded two second round picks to get back into the late first round in order to draft forward Josh Ho-Sang.

Ho-Sang is one of the more controversial players in this draft and was pegged as the ultimate wild card by many experts.

Ho-Sang is one of the most skilled players in the draft with some saying he was the second best winger available.  Ho-Sang's junior team owner Warren Rychel said of Ho-Sang, "He's the most skilled player in North America.  He's the most skilled player to ever come through Windsor..."  Ho-Sang's vision and puck handling are among the attributes that enhance his tremendous skill.  Ho-Sang had 85 points in 67 games this season for the Spitfires including 32 goals.

While he has all the skill in the world, there have been many questions about his character and personality.  He concerned some teams that he might be more interested in entertaining then he is winning hockey games.  He is also someone that sometimes doesn't mesh well with authority occasionally pushing back against it which turns off some NHL teams.

To learn more about the Islanders newest prospect click here and here.

I like the aggressiveness here on the part of Garth Snow.  From what I have read, Ho-Sang has the potential to be a steal of the pick for the Islanders which is something we all know they can really use.  However, we have heard this before on some of Snow's picks so for Snow hopefully this turns out better then Kirill Petrov and Kirill Kabanov did.

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  1. Scott,

    The difference between JHS and the Russians is that JHS wants the puck in the most critical situations. He is controversial because he doesn't play the "This is hockey we all must be humble" game which management expects.
    JHS asks honest and fair questions regarding why everything about him as to be "the black player" instead of "the player"

    And the first time JHS explodes on a breakaway with his skating skills and Islander fans won't care about his mouth, they will love his game