Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boyle Hasn't Closed The Door On Resigning With the Islanders

This afternoon, Pierre Lebrun reported that the Islanders were shopping the rights to defenseman Dan Boyle looking to recoup the fifth round pick they traded for the veteran defensemans rights on June 5th.

Lebrun also had some interesting information from Dan Boyle's side of the negotiation.  His agent told Lebrun, "That being said, we haven't closed the door on talking to them.  The Islanders have Dan a lot to think about."  This is inline with the speculation recently that the Islanders had made him a pretty substantial 2 year offer.

Now, where have heard this before from a perspective UFA on the Islanders?  One has to wonder if this is a genuine sentiment by the players or just them trying to be nice.  I tend to lean more toward the latter but we will see in a few short weeks.

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