Thursday, January 30, 2014

Was Last Night Really An Islanders Home Game?

Last night our Islanders played host to and were defeated by their rivals the Rangers.

With the Islanders being scheduled as the home team you would think they would cater more to Islanders fans then Rangers fans.  Well, you would be incorrect.

Firstly, going through the concourse at the merchandise stands the stands had predominately Rangers merchandise.  I know the Rangers played two games there and the Islanders only played one but you would think they would load up on merchandise for the "home" team.

Secondly, during his performance Cee Lo Green was really talking highly of the Rangers and talking badly about the Islanders.  If this was really an Islanders home game, wouldn't the performer before said game talk up the home team rather then trash talk them like Green did?

The NHL did a lot right here, however this was one thing they did wrong.  Beyond having Coliseum organist Paul Cartier there who was excellent as usual this was a Rangers home game.  If that is what the NHL wanted then they should've sucked up the financial commitment and scheduled the games as Ranger home games.

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