Friday, January 3, 2014

Howie And Butch Comment On Okposo Snub

Since the US Mens Olympic team was announced yesterday confirming the snub of Islanders forward Kyle Okposo angry reactions ran rampant on various social media platforms.  Perhaps nobody had more colorful comments regarding the snub then Islanders broadcasters Butch Goring and Howie Rose.
Below are Howie's comments from the pre game show tonight.

While I think there is something to the conspiracy theory Howie speaks of, I also think it is very overblown by fans.  

I personally am disappointed that he didn't make the team but not overly surprised.  Okposo has finally developed into the player we all thought he could be but we are also very quick to forget that half of the fan base wanted him traded early last season when he was in one of his typical in season swoons.  What I found more frustrating then the snub was that he wasn't ever really given any serious consideration.  Scott Burnside in his piece for ESPN has quotes that say the reasoning for that is they don't think he is built for the bigger ice surface.  However, Okposo played on a surface like that in college so I am not sure that excuse has any merit.  So, maybe there is something to Howie's theory.

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