Sunday, December 8, 2013

Strang: "I Can't Imagine Why Garth Snow Still Has His Job"

This past Thursday, former Islanders Newsday beat writer and current ESPN hockey writer Katie Strang was a guest on the Marek vs Wyshynski podcast that airs live everyday between 2:00PM and 3:00PM.

During one of the segments of her interview while on the she when speaking of the Islanders she said, "I can't imagine why Garth Snow still has his job."  She followed that up with points about how he seems to have carte blanche to make a lot of debatable decisions.

Something else she mentioned that I found interesting was that not firing Jack Capuano would be an indictment on the franchise that they aren't willing to spend the money to win.  This is something Larry Brooks touched on in his latest column in the NY Post.  If you have followed Brooks columns, you know that he is someone that isn't shy when it comes to speaking ill of the Islanders front office.

To hear more of Katie's interview with them  including thoughts on Jack Capuano and the guys that actually play, check out the link below.  You can follow Katie on twitter here.

I thought this was great stuff from her.  It is about time a member of the media with some sort of notoriety called out the Islanders front office for their wrong doings beside Larry Brooks.  I have been screaming about the second point made above of the team not willing to spend the money to win for a while.  For speaking like this I wasn't well received by some and my opinion was glossed over by others as they saw me as just a crazy fan incapable of seeing any other side of things but my own.  Hopefully, with Strang opening the flood gates the Islanders front office will no longer be a taboo topic to talk about among people other then fans.

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