Friday, November 15, 2013

Yet Another Failed 60 Minute Effort Leads To A 3-2 Loss

Tonight, our Islanders yet again failed to play a full 60 minute game and it costed them as they fell 3-2 to the Kings.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Tonight wasn't Poulin's finest effort.  I'm sure he would like to have a couple of the goals back that he gave up tonight.  Given, the team really didn't show up in front of him in the third but more on that later.

-Congrats to Aaron Ness on his first NHL goal.  It was a great pass by Tavares to set him up for it.

-Good to see Casey finally put one to the back of the net.  Hopefully, this starts a little streak for him because he could use it.

-Once again tonight, the Islanders blew a 3rd period lead.  Some are saying that the Islanders haven't been a good third period team this season.  People need to look beyond that though because this team hasn't been a good third period team for the better part of the last five years.  Although things maybe being done behind the scenes to try and remedy this, on the surface it doesn't appear anything is being done and it makes it that much more frustrating.

-Carkner pitched in well tonight tipping home the Kings second goal.  Why he is playing over Radek Martinek continues to blow my mind.  The only reason he is playing is because of his ability in fighting but he isn't even that good at it.

Well, after the win the other night and the teams play in the second period tonight, this loss was quite disappointing.  However, it wasn't totally unexpected given the Islanders recent history in situations such as tonight.  Hopefully, this coaching staff can come up with something to fix that problem but if the first 1/4 of the season is any indication, this coaching staff may not know what to do in order to fix that issue.

Next Game: Saturday Night @ Home against Detroit

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