Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post Game: Pee-wee Isles lose 3-0!!!

Tonight a team wearing the Islander jerseys took the ice at the Coliseum and fell 3-0 to the Penguins. What team it was I have no idea, but I know for sure it definitely wasn't the NHL team the New York Islanders. Here are some of my notes from the game:

First of all, was that really an NHL team out there tonight?? Because it sure didn't seem like it!!! This game was an embarrassment simple as that!! This game would've caused people with sleep apnea to fall asleep. Sad but true!!!

The team had 33 shots tonight but I think 32 of them went into Fleurys crest which isn't good because you won't score that way. Also, would it kill them to shoot some pucks in the air. I can't tell you how many times in the last two games they had chances that were lost because they couldn't raise the puck off the ice.

While it was nice that they finally put shots on net, they couldn't do anything else tonight!! So many passes either into skates, to far from the target, or just into areas where nobody was or even on their way to. I sure don't know what the heck happened to this team because right now their play is a joke!!

Nabby was the only decent player on the ice tonight & there was some instances were even he made me think what the hell are you doing?? One time on the powerplay he played the puck and just sat there with it. Streit was coming back and put out his arms signaling like are you going to do something or what?? He ended up leaving it there. I remember another time in the third period where when the Pens were putting pressure on he like jumped out to cover the puck and he missed it and he just laid there for a few seconds like he was a kid with a stomach ache. He was sort of the best of the worst for the team tonight in my opinion!

Josh Bailey & Blake Comeau looked LOST!!! There poor play continues!! I can't believe that a large number of people thought that him being sat out for two games was a trade indication. In all honesty based off his recent play if I am a GM id be hesitant to give up much of anything for Comeau. The same goes for Bailey, who just about as bad as Comeau looked lost tonight and has for the better part of the young season thus far. I don't know what is wrong with these guys but someone needs to kick them in the ass and wake them up!!

Defense let us down on the two goals tonight!! Well the first goal was a break in coverage or something because you could see from a mile away that Dupis was open and primed for a breakaway, so how didn't they or someone make them aware of that? Then the second goal was started by a bad turnover, and then you had Streit and Staios instead of pressuring the puck carrier just went down to block the shot. So being smart Park just carried the puck until they were no longer in front of him and he shot it past Nabby. To me that is poor defense, pressure the puck carrier to make him act quick, by going down so soon you give yourself up way to easy.

Hopefully they turn it around and quick because if they don't they will be in a lot of trouble!!

Next Game: Thursday @ PIT


  1. Wow; harsh dude. Seriously, it's only a few games into the season. I believe that it will all be fine. Was at the game,and to me, I thought that they were trying. I liked what I saw from 3 lines tonight, wheras we we only saw one line vs. Tampa and Florida. Bailey was better tonight that he has been. Yes, he was still a bit "rusty" on his stickhandling, but not a bad effort. Comeau is a big frustration for me. So is Bailey, but there are signs of life with him. Hey, our goalies have been an overall strength; don't nitpick a couple of small items from Nabby from this game. You know that he played well.Several very good stops tonight.

  2. Iagreee. I disagree with some of this:)

  3. I was a little harsh on Nabby ill admit...otherwise though I didn't think I was bad