Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thoughts on The Barclays Center

Tonight the Islanders were defeated 3-0 by the Devils at the first NHL game in Brooklyn.  I was fortunate to be there so for those that couldn't make it here are some of my thoughts on the arena:

-Very easily accessible, no complaints at all.

-The arena is literally not even a 5 minute walk from the train terminal which is good.

-Walking in, it has the feeling of a new modern place which is nice.

-While my seats had a little obstruction, for the price I paid I thought it was a great deal.  Looking around from my seats though it was quite evident that some sections needed to have work done to them.  On the train ride home, someone who sat in section 104 showed me an image of the view from their seats and around 50% of the nearest zone was blocked including one of the goals.

-The concourse on the main level is quite nice and spacious and you never have issues walking in it even during intermission.  However, it is a different story upstairs.  I found the concourse during intermission to be just as bad as the Coliseum if not a little worse which really surprised me.

-The bottled soda selection is quite limited to only coke zero, all other soda options are fountain.

-Food was overall underwhelming.  Although, the cheesecake even though it was expensive was good and it was a big slice to.

-Was disappointed to find out that staff wouldn't let fans with tickets upstairs go down by the ice for warmups. 

-Leaving was quite simple just like getting there was.  

Overall, while it certainly wasn't perfect, it could've been a lot worse.

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