Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Post Game: Isles lose both

Tonight the Islanders fell to the Flames 4-2 in Regina. I don't feel like I could give a fair report considering I did not watch or listen to the game. What I do know is that our first line seemed to play well, racking up some points.

In Calgary the New York Islanders fell 5-3. As expected there was some positives and some expected negatives. 

Carkner played an awful game.  With young kids coming up in a hurry, I don't see him being anymore then a number seven dman on most nights.  

Kevin Poulin played an average game.  He had his bright moments for sure, making some big saves when the team needed it.  A few bad turnovers almost cost the Isles a few more goals.  Poulin found himself out of position a few times and often scrambling.  Luckily the post and crossbar was there to save the day a few times.

Anders Nilsson was thrown right into the fire, having his team go down on a 5on3. A nice wrist shot from Wideman beat Nilsson, one you really cannot blame on the young goaltender.  The next one was a total defense nightmare allowing the opposition to sit in front by himself out waiting Anders and flicking it into an empty net.  I thought Nilsson settled down and played a quiet sound game, usually being in good position on shots attempts. 

Most can agree that the most impressive player on the night was young dman Matt Donovan.  Donovan was a (+)1 on the night while also adding a nice assist.  Rushing from the point he made a strong wraparound move and threw the puck in front.  He looked very calm and collective, not looking out of place.  It's only game one, but a very encouraging sign.  

How awesome was it to see some Islander hockey?  Even though I sat and watched it on a laptop screen, it was a joy.  Till next time, Lets Go Islanders!

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