Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Streit: "...I Wanted To Be On A Team That Really Wants To Win..."

On June 12th, the Islanders shipped captain Mark Streit to the division rival Flyers in exchange for a 4th round pick in the draft and prospect Shane Harper who was later not qualified by the team.

Streit went on to sign a 4 year contract with the Flyers worth 5.25 million per season with a limited NTC.  Today, Streit issued his first statements since the trade and chief among them were that he wanted to go a team that really wants to win.

Coming from a team where he was captain statements like this make Streit appear that he has sour grapes over the way thing ended with us.  Further, with large leadership role he had with us statements like that won't endear him to his former teammates and fans which really isn't a big issue in the long run but shows a lack of professionalism on Streits part.  A lack of professionalism is something Streit never showed during his five years here so its odd to see it come from him now.

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