Saturday, July 27, 2013

ESPN Again Displays Their Hockey Ignorance

A recent article written for ESPN by Paul Grant about John Tavares has caused quite a stir in Islanders country.  It spawned articles from a couple from other Islander blogs including this one from Islanders Op-tismism.  Personally, the article caused me to wonder if ESPN actually requires their hockey writers to have watched hockey before writing articles for them.

The worst portion of Mr Grant's article is when he mentioned nobody taking Tavares seriously.  If Grant had paid attention to any person in the hockey world over the last six months or so he would know that not only do people take Tavares seriously but he is viewed as one of the best young players in the entire NHL.

Additionally, Grant made many references to junior hockey where Tavares hasn't played since the spring of 2009.  His references made absolutely zero sense and go further to prove the point that ESPN doesn't care about the quality of their hockey coverage.

Its ESPN's prerogative to not pay attention to their hockey coverage, but the least they can do is make sure they have people who have followed hockey in the last year do articles for them.

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