Thursday, July 25, 2013

Asking The Crowd

Over the next few days I will be posting some questions that I asked some fellow Islander fans.  Each post will be one question with a few responses including mine.  Part one starts now!

Question: 1) What are your expectation for this upcoming season? & Do the isles have enough to make the postseason with for a full 82 grind

From Matt Clausen (Follow Here)

1) My expectations for the Islanders this year are to make the playoffs an place no higher than 2nd in the new Metropolitan Division (god that division name is awful, I wish we could swap names with the Atlantic as it just makes more sense), I can however see the Isles finishing between 2nd and out of the playoff picture looking around the division. the Islanders have added enough depth guys and have built enough of a system to sustain some injuries to the bottom 6 and the D corps. I would have preferred to see one "Go BIG trade" (think a Bobby Ryan or Alex Pietrangelo or someone like that) and say "bedamned the cost if the Isles make a deep run," but the team deemed most trades too high in price and not fitting their vision, so I guess I can't begrudge them too much. Anyway, This team will be tough to compete against especially if all four lines find their respective scoring touches. Who knows if Pitt has a full on melt down, the Isles would then become my pick to win the Division, especially if November turns into the month of joy in place of the month of hell that it's been.

From Tom Ballantyne (Follow Here)

1) I have enough faith in this squad, that as long as they stay healthy, they will make the playoffs.

From Kevin Cosgrove (Follow Here)

1) I'm cautiously optimistic due in large part to the new conference. Adding CBJ and DET makes the schedule tougher. NYI wouldn't get the 8 last year if those 2 teams were there.  I do however look forward to seeing the 4 lines roll for a full 82, hopefully Bailey and KO can keep improving esp if KO makes the US team

From Laura (Follow Here)(Also note that she is not an Islander fan)

1. It may be more difficult over 82 games, but they came close a couple years ago. I think injury free, they can make the postseason. They're just going to have to minimize the learning curve for any youngsters, which leads to question 2...

From Myself (Follow Here)

My expectations are playoffs, they must be.  As Kevin mentioned if we roll all four lines and they all continue to develop and grow, playoffs should be in the picture.  Over the course of the long season, injuries will occur and fatigue may set in but the battle will be there.  We will outwork almost all teams and that's something I really am looking forward to.  Some smart additions have been made, maybe not as impact as I may have wanted but a small upgrade. I need playoffs hockey again cause that atmosphere that those three games had is something that I will always miss.  Rocking the old barn never will get old.  

This is just part one of four.  Hope you enjoyed some different angles. Go Isles

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