Sunday, July 28, 2013

Asking The Crowd - Part 2

Today we feature part two of our four part segment. Lets waste no time and get started...

Question: Which prospect are you most excited about and why? the crop is large, but there must be one player that you cant wait for.

From Tom Ballantyne (Follow Here
The one player I am most excited about has got to be Ryan Strome. He's a future star in the making, dominant at all levels so far.  He has so much talent, that there's no way he could be a bust in the NHL.

From Kevin Cosgrove (Follow Here)
I can't wait to see Strome hit the NHL. His skill set pairs nicely with JT and takes some of the scoring burden off JT and MM

From Laura (Follow Here)
I'll be terribly unoriginal but honest and say Nelson and Strome. Nelson was really really good in the AHL last year.

From Michael Willhoft (Follow Here)
A lot of hype centers on Strome, and with good reason. But I'm more excited to see Brock Nelson perform over a full NHL season. He was steady in Game 6 and could provide that true second-line center that the Isles have been looking for over the past few years. Nielsen has filled in admirably in that role, but he's best served as a third-liner in an ideal lineup. I'm excited to see Nelson make the team out of camp and hopefully slide into the second line, giving the team more size and scoring up front on the second unit.

From Matt Clausen (Follow Here)
Man…SO MANY prospects…I LOVED what Brock Nelson brought to the playoff run, When Kris Letang bounces off of you along the end boards, you belong with the team. But honestly, the guys I'm most excited about are Scott Mayfield and Andrey Pedan. Big dudes who can hit, carry the puck, scrap and maybe add a little offense, THAT is what the team needs. I honestly wish Garth would go out every draft and grab one or two of these types of guys instead of the guy I've deemed the "Garth Snow Puck Mover:" Ryan Pulock, Calvin de Haan, Aaron Ness, Sean Bourroughs, Ville Pokka, you get the picture. I'm not saying the "Garth Snow Puck Mover" is a bad thing, but man has it become a little crazy. After Mayfield/Pedan, the honorable mention will be Luic Leduc, if he's healthy, holy…crap.

From Myself (Follow Here)
Honestly I love many of our prospects.  Guys like Mayfield and Pedan I think can be very solid for us in the future.  Their great size and some grit can really solidify our small defense.  Even this years selection of Ryan Pulock is a guy I am excited about, a future powerplay quarterback could be in order.  Everyone likes seeing goals and that's why I would have to say Ryan Strome and Brock Nelson are the two studs I cannot wait for.  Yes, it may not be original but I found that these two have extremely high ceilings.  Put Strome with JT and the sky is the limit.  That is what I itch for, and we can easily witness that this season.  

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