Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cappy On The Way Out??

According to reports, the University of Maine is interested in bringing in Islanders coach Jack Capuano to be the next coach of their school hockey team.

One may think that there would be no way Capuano would leave an NHL team to go coach a college team, especially after just leading the team on a surprise playoff run.  Normally, you would be right but this is a little bit different.  See the University of Maine is Capuanos alma mater and Capuanos son will be playing baseball  their next season and his daughter is also a student at the school.  Also the job security in college is a lot better than that of an NHL coach.

Although one may think Capuano would be crazy to leave, Maine does have a compelling case to at least make him consider it.

Capuano isn't the only person they are interested in.  They are also interested in Bridgeport head coach Scott Pellerin who is also a Maine alum.  Pellerin, who has an option to come back and coach Bridgeport next year has yet to decide what he wants to do.,_or_who,_is_maine_waiting.php

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