Friday, April 26, 2013

Flyers Defeat Flat Islanders 2-1

Tonight, for the first time this month our Islanders lost a game in regulation.  Tonight, it was 2-1 to the rival Flyers.  Here are some of my notes:

-This was the teams third straight sub-par overall game.  This is a little concerning for me now as the season comes to a close and the playoffs start.  Hopefully, the team is able to take the couple days after the season and before the playoffs to right the ship so to speak and get back to what drove them before these past few games.

-Visnovsky has to step it up!!  Since signing his extension, while he still pinches Visnovsky has really stopped putting up stats.  He will be a guy the Islanders need to count on if they hope to win a playoff series for the first time in 20 years.

-The Tavares line really needs to wake up to!  Outside for the game in Toronto, they have been pretty much non existent for close to a month now.  That needs to change as we head to playoffs!

-The reasoning on Capuanos part to play both Boulton and Carkner tonight and on the same shift nonetheless is one I am not sure I will ever understand.  Boulton serves no purpose other than fighting.  He took the brainless penalty that led to the Flyers first goal tonight.  Carkner in his last two games has been exposed defensively more than once.  I get the element he brings and am a fan of it, but sometimes he is quite hard to watch.

-The powerplay needs to step it up!  They spend way to much time passing around the perimeter and need to focus more on getting shots to the net.

-Considering this was his first game in about three weeks I thought Kevin Poulin was pretty solid tonight!

Well, tonight couldn't have gone worse for the Islanders.  With their loss and wins by Ottawa and the Rangers the Islanders fell from 6th to 8th place in the conference.  Now, without a little help from the Devils and the Flyers we will end up getting matched against the Penguins in the first round which is one of the worst matchups possible for us in my opinion.  Up until this point we had our destiny in our hands, with tonights loss we no longer have that and are now in a less than favorable situation when it comes to seeding.

Next Game: Tomorrow Night @ Buffalo (Last game of the regular season)

ATL47351207032157116+4117-6-018-6-03-07-3-0LOST 2
NE46281356124127102+2516-4-312-9-24-34-5-1WON 1
SE47261835523146128+1814-8-112-10-23-08-1-1OT 1
NE47281456125145125+2014-7-314-7-23-24-6-0WON 1
NE47261655726144129+1513-8-213-8-30-56-3-1WON 1
NE46241665420111100+1115-5-39-11-34-45-5-0WON 1
ATL47251845421126112+1415-6-210-12-24-47-3-0WON 1
ATL47241765420138137+110-11-314-6-34-26-1-3LOST 1
SE48242135122128144-1613-10-111-11-22-36-3-1LOST 2
ATL471918104817112125-1313-9-26-9-82-74-5-1WON 2
ATL47222234721131140-915-7-27-15-11-25-5-0WON 3
NE47202164614123142-1910-10-310-11-36-46-4-0WON 1
SE47192444218125152-279-14-110-10-31-13-5-2OT 1
SE47182544017145145E12-9-26-16-21-32-6-2LOST 1
SE47142763411107168-618-11-56-16-13-12-8-0LOST 1
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