Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Isles Likely To Stand Pat At the Deadline

Going into tonights game with the Capitals, the Islanders sit just two points out of a playoff spot.

With the NHL trade deadline next Wednesday, this would lead some to think that they could go out and make a trade or two to help the team finally manage a playoff birth for the first time since 2006/2007.  Well, according to Arthur Staple this hope should end right now as he says the Islanders are likely to stand pat at the deadline.


For me, it would depend on how the next few games go if we would be active at the deadline or not.  People seem to think that in order for us to make a trade that we would have to trade half the prospects we have accumulated over the last five years when that couldn't be further from the truth.  We are able to trade pick(s) for a player to like most every team in the NHL does.  All we need are the pick(s) and an owner whose willing to pay the player we acquire.

Some say the Islanders aren't in a position to acquire a rental.  While I don't necessarily disagree, I do in the sense because if the presence of the rental player was instrumental in getting this team to make the playoffs it would energize a dormant and very frustrated fan base.  More then that though, it would expose the core of this team who have only known losing and crap hockey in their careers to what its really about and for me the experience for them is worth more then a second or third round pick who may or may not have an impact at the AHL level let alone the NHL level.

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