Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lifeless Third Causes Isles To Fall 4-2 To The Hurricanes

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Tonight, our Islanders once again couldn't get a win for their home fans.  Tonights loss dropped them to 2-7 at home so far this season.  For the second time this year, tonight with a third period go ahead goal, the Hurricanes defeated us by a score of 4-2.  Here are some of my notes:

-Powerplay wasn't good tonight!  Struggled with entry far to often and was one and done in the zone to much.  They need to have a smoother transition into the zone and better zone time.

-Postgame tonight, Capuano was noticeably upset.  I want to know where this emotion has been for the past year plus?  Last night he was yelling at Buffalo coaches, tonight hes antsy with reporters calling players out.  We saw some emotion and stuff from him in his first season, since then though it has been like locked up.  Is he showing the emotion now because he knows his job is on the line and then once he gets comfortable again it will go under lock and key?  If so, that is a bad recipe for the team.

-Congrats to Tavares on getting the league lead in goals.

-Not a bad game from Poulin in his debut, there was a soft goal but he gave the team a chance to win and that is all you can ask.

-Good to see Radek get some game action in, he had a decent game for it being his first NHL game in quite a while.

-Why is Kyle Okposo still in the lineup?  Ullstrom should be starting over him.  Okposo needs to be benched and then maybe smacked a few times to see if can snap out of the slump he is in.

-The third period tonight was a typical third period we have come to know under the Snow/Wang era.  The team was trapped in their zone for a fair majority of the third period, played on their heels and just didn't skate.  The reason these keep happening is not only the players but management as well.  The team needs a culture change and that doesn't mean making Doug Weight or Brent Thompson coach.  That means people from outside the organization need to be brought in to bring a fresh perspective to things.  Will that happen?  I don't think so, but in my opinion that is one thing that badly needs to be done.

So once again tonight, the Islanders have a big game with the chance to get to .500.  What do they do?  They squander it!  This, like the third periods has been a recurring theme of the last few years.  It almost feels like the team is scared of prosperity.  In my mind, this could helped out majorly by management changes to bring in a fresh perspective and insight into things that people under the current umbrella of the organization have been oblivious to.  Additionally, a management team that demands accountability.  That is not present in the organization at all at the moment and that starts from the top.  Unfortunately, I don't think the proper people would come here though because of our owners reputation around the league and his insanely controlling nature.  So, as the old saying goes, that leaves us between a rock and a hard place.

Next Game: Tuesday @ Home 7:30 VS Boston on NBCSN

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