Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arthur Staple Calls Islander Fans Classless

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In the second period of tonights game versus the Penguins, Penguins player Sidney Crosby was hit in the face with the puck and went down to the ice.

Crosby taking a puck to the face, brought a massive cheer from the Coliseum crowd because of Crosbys reputation around the league.  However, it didn't only bring a strong reaction from the crowd.  Islanders, Newsday beat writer Arthur Staple also had a strong reaction.

Staple said this via twitter describing the actions of the fans, "Bad, bad form by Coliseum crowd, cheering as Crosby goes down after taking puck to face. No class."

Its understandable for Staple to have that view point, because it probably wasn't the best thing in the world for fans to do.  However, as the teams beat writer you can't go around making fun of fans like that.  That is, "bad, bad form!"

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  1. Perhaps Arthur should have thought about the questionable things Crosby did to the Isles in the first place. They have NO obligation to clap for the guy when he is down.