Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Fun Quick Thoughts

Just taking a glance at the official schedule for our New York Islanders, what serious streaks there are.  Whether its going on the road for six games or being home for five, its going to be a difficult task.  We start with five of the first seven games on the road and end with five away from the coliseum.  Not an easy way to start or finish with such a young team.  How about February 24th to March 7th, during this stretch the Islanders play seven consecutive home games. Yes seven,  I took a double take when i initially saw this.  Anyways not that we can complain, at least we have hockey.

Tonight I found myself bored playing on my laptop so I decided to do some fantasy hockey research.  With my draft being so close, I thought it be a good idea to use my time sorta wisely.  While searching on I saw the name John Tavares coming up often and being ranked high on the top 175.  He was sitting at number 11 to be exact.  Its nice to see at least one of our players being a great fantasy asset.  Another note was Matt Moulson ahead of Alexander Semin.  Good for you Mr. Moulson, now put up another 30 goal season!

Is anybody extremely ready for Saturdays game against the Devils?  Every home opener gives fans the reason to be excited and hold hope for the upcoming season but I am ready to go.  I cannot wait as I may get there hours early, you can find myself tail gating in the cold weather.  I should note, I will love every minute of it (haha).  Getting back on track now, the lockout just made fans hungry.  Just starving for hockey so even though these past few months pissed MANY people off, I fully expect this Saturday to be rocking  full of hungry fans waiting to get there hockey need.  Lets Go Isles

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